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A group of Shore Up Marin Leadership Trainees and Coalition Leaders at an advocacy training in the San Rafael City Council Chambers. A group of Shore Up Marin Leadership Trainees and Coalition Leaders at an advocacy training in the San Rafael City Council Chambers.

Shore Up Marin Year Three Activities:

Read about Shore Up Marin's efforts in the Marin Independent Journal.

In our third year Shore Up Marin will focus on community-identified priorities at the intersection of climate change and social equity with initiatives based in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael and Marin City focused on creating community-based culturally-appropriate emergency preparedness and disaster response plans and in continuing to advocate for equitable adaptation to flooding and sea level rise. We will continue to collaborate with County government and many organizations.

Shore Up Marin Year Two Activities:

In our second year Shore Up Marin conducted leadership trainings on sea level rise and its intersection with current equity issues as well as advocacy skills for residents of bay and ocean facing communities. Our main focus is on addressing the intersection of current community needs and sea level rise in the Canal and Marin City. Read all about it in our Climate Equity Heroes comic book.

Shore Up Marin Year One Activities:

Important Reading: the Shore Up Marin Sea Level Rise Planning Report of Recommendations for Decision-Makers - click here to access the report.

In our first year Shore Up Marin conducted bilingual and culturally-appropriate community education on sea level rise in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael and in Marin City. We also hosted a sea level rise forum at the Earth Day Marin Festival and met with social equity leaders to hone our climate change equity model. From the input secured and based on our experience developing welcoming and engaging meetings for these diverse communities, we published and distributed recommendations for decision-makers.


Coverage of Shore Up Marin in the Marin Independent Journal
View Article Online

Comic Book: Climate Equity Heroes
Follows community members of diverse ages and backgrounds identifying key current social equity and sea level rise concerns - such as flooding and others - and expressing these concerns in their own words to the Marin Board of Supervisors.

Download Comic Book Here
View the Comic Book Online

Opinion Editorial published in the Marin Independent Journal
View our Marin Voice Online

Sea Level Planning Recommendations - Shore Up Marin Y1 Report

Included in this report:
  • Recommendations for including diverse stakeholders in sea level rise adaptation policy processes
  • Top concerns of participants in Shore Up Marin community meetings
  • Our draft Climate Change Equity Model showing overlaps between social, economic and environmental issues.
  • Shore Up Marin Plans for 2014-15

Download Report Here
View the Report Online


Shore Up Marin is a partnership founded by Earth Day Marin, Canal Welcome Center, Marin Grassroots and GreenUp Learning. Our newest partner is the Marin City-based MLK Coalition. Our mission is to support a diverse coalition of Marin residents across race, class and other differences, to advocate for equitable responses to climate change and sea level rise.

Our main focus will be in mobilizing residents and stakeholders in low-lying areas in Novato, San Rafael, Southern Marin and West Marin.

The Coalition has identified key community concerns, educated community members about resources and solutions and fostered dialog, inclusion and understanding between diverse stakeholders. Please read our report.

The key goals of our organization are:

  • To educate the public, especially those on the shoreline, about sea level rise and the real and pressing issue it represents for our community.
  • To learn from the community about how climate change and sea level rise is currently affecting them and what concerns they have about the future including vulnerable areas, vulnerable populations, emergency planning, etc.
  • To foster alliances between diverse stakeholders to develop a stronger constituency to support preparedness and adaptation efforts as well as carbon reductions.
  • To make the case that inequitable solutions put the whole community at risk and assure that solutions implemented are equitable and support all Marin stakeholders.
  • To generate and explore new ideas and approaches to these issues, especially new collaborations and joint efforts.
  • To bring together the nonprofit, business, government and other sectors as well as diverse community members to navigate needs and restrictions and leverage resources and local assets.



Draft Climate Change Equity Model
For more information please contact:

Douglas Mundo, Canal Welcome Center
Hannah Doress, Earth Day Marin
Sandy Wallenstein, GreenUp Learning
Terrie Green, Marin City Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition
Project supported
in part by:
The San Francisco Foundation

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Marin IJ Marin Voice 4/5/14:
Preparing for Sea Level Rise

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